What is Lakota Hope?

Lakota Hope is a non-profit that serves members the Oglala Lakota nation. We are located in Whiteclay, A town that sits on the south boarder of the Pine Ridge Reservation. Lakota Hope is guided by four principles: Compassion - Hospitality - Unity - Industry. 

What We Do

Pine Ridge Ministry Round Table Meetings

We are seeking to bring ministries that work in the Pine Ridge reservation together through regular meetings and the creation of a directory of ministry needs as well as services provided. The meetings and directory can promote inter-ministry partnerships as well as preventing necessary duplication of services. We hope that ministries will be able to more effectively meet needs and make disciples in their communities. 

Night of Another Hope

On Tuesday nights during the summer we host Night of Another Hope (N.O.A.H.). Usually about 200 individuals show up. Many are visitors from across the nation. Others are community members or Lakota artists who come to sell their work. We have a community meal, worship, and a message shared by a Native American speaker. If you want to know our summer schedule for N.O.A.H. nights give Abram a call at 651-472-2681.

Lakota Crafters/Grow2Gather

Lakota Hope wants to help artists and crafters thrive by providing the resources that they need to sell more of their work at better prices. We invite artists to sell at our N.O.A.H. nights and through a partnership with Grow Nebraska artists are able to sell through the online market Grow Nebraska Native. We are also able to provide a location for artists to sell at the Oglala Nation Pow-Wow each year. 

Winter Heat and Helps

During harsh winters we keep people warm with our winter heat and helps program. We provide gas vouchers from Lakota Plains Propaine, and we employ Lakotas to chop firewood which we distribute to families who need it the most.