What is Lakota Hope?

Lakota Hope is a non-profit that serves members the Oglala Lakota nation. We are located in Whiteclay, A town that sits on the south boarder of the Pine Ridge Reservation. We try to approach our work with humility knowing that we can’t change much on our own, but we can partner with Lakota individuals and ministries to make a lasting change. We make the biggest difference when rather than being heroic saviors we just act as the organizers and promoters for businesses of incredible talents of Lakota artists, or as fundraisers and organizers to enhance the efforts of other local ministries.

We have plans to expand into bigger and better things over time, but we always want to keep the spirit of partnership and humility in all we do.

What We Do

Lakota Oyate Artisans

We work with a group of Lakota artists and crafters who are seeking to build their businesses and/or help others do the same. We help coordinate group spaces at large events such as the Oglala Nation Pow Wow, or the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup. We put on our own events during the summer that bring in mission teams for a meal arts and crafts, and a message from scripture. We also manage an online store that sells for the artists and crafters on consignment so that their work is shared on. We do fundraisers together with the artists to make events affordable for artists that may struggle to afford the big events.

Pine Ridge Ministry Round Table Meetings

We are seeking to bring ministries that work in the Pine Ridge reservation together through regular meetings and the creation of a directory of ministry needs as well as services provided. The meetings and directory can promote inter-ministry partnerships as well as preventing necessary duplication of services. We hope that ministries will be able to more effectively meet needs and make disciples in their communities.