Oglala Hailstorm Recovery


As some of you may a massive hailstorm swept through the reservation doing major damage to over 600 homes. FEMA denied the assistance the tribe asked for. That leaves one of the poorest counties in the United States to cope with this disaster on its own. The Churches have banded together to deal with the damage. Please help, and if you can't personally help please forward this email to someone who you think might be able to. 

  • Windows, $80 per trailer

  • House wrap, $60 per trailer

  • Smart siding, $33 per 4 x 8 sheet (# sheets will depend on the size of trailer, for a 80 x 14 it would be approximately 25 sheets, for a total of $825)

Lakota Hope will be sending the money to local organizations who are better equipped to with the staff, tools, and experience to perform the repairs. 

We might not be able to cover all 1 million dollars in hail damage, but together we can get the basics for many of the homes.