We primarily serve the following 'communities' in the listed ways.

STREET PEOPLE/RISEN WARRIORS OF WHITECLAY, NEBRASKA -  regular calls to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those struggling with depression, Fetal Alcohol Effect/Syndrome and more.  Some are homeless.  Abram Neumann serves as our Community Outreach Coordinator and spends the majority of his time on the street.

LAKOTA ARTISTS AND CRAFTERS -  helping them to not only supplement their income from art/craft sales, but also to grow stronger in all aspects of their lives.  We take a holistic approach to ministering to individuals and families.  Our GROW2gather program is what we call this effort.  The summertime is when we conduct our N.O.A.H. (Night Of Another Hope) events - every Tuesday night, mid-June through early August.  (see website link/page)

CHEYENNE CREEK -  developing long-term relationships and partnerships with nearly a dozen Lakota families residing on their inherited land just outside the village of Pine Ridge.  Current helps include establishment of straw-bale gardens and chicken coops.  Future plans include partnering with resident families to improve housing conditions and recreational facilities.

THE BODY OF BELIEVERS -  active participation in on-going efforts to bring the 'Body of Christ' into unity thus demonstrating to those outside the 'church' that being a Jesus follower and Kingdom Seeker is a good thing.  So, we gather weekly with other ministers/believers for prayer, fellowship and at special events.  We also host many mission groups and work teams and provide lodging, counsel and support for them during the summer season.

ADDITIONALLY, we also participate in Bible study groups; host "Christmas - His Way" in December; and conduct an annual Christmas wreath sale which provides significant income for a few Lakota families during the holidays.